Wine barn

Historic enjoy

This is where the pleasure lives.

Indulgence lives in the wine barn on three levels: The first floor impresses with its rustic tables and surrounding benches for up to 40 guests. In the “white room” on the upper floor the view goes far over the fields, under the open beams there is a bright, modern ambience.

The cellar of the wine barn is a room made for a convivial evening with the winemaker. Surrounded by countless wines, which are stored here at a pleasant temperature, the ancient oak table seats a good fourteen people. The special tip: It becomes even more rustic with a common table buffet for all with hearty snacks.

Indulgence for advanced

Heartwarming at any time of year

Whether in summer, when the crickets chirp and the air smells of ripe fruit, or in winter, when nature wraps itself in a blanket of snow – the wine barn is a worthwhile destination at any time of year: with an aromatic red wine that warms the heart, you can end the day in the cold season while the fire crackles in the stove. On warm summer evenings, guests can relax in the idyllic garden of the Nordenholzer Hof. A deck chair, a cool glass of wine, the sun setting on the far horizon while the wood crackles in the fire baskets – this is enjoyment for the advanced.

Tradition meets future

Enjoy like at the vintner

The barn itself is several hundred years old, as is the large table on the first floor. Some of the chairs come from a former inn in the Wesermarsch region, and the tables are made of old plank wood. At the same time, the wines that Michael Niebuhr pours here are predominantly pressed by young winemakers from Germany and Austria. They stand for excellent wines that pair a brilliant taste experience with a new lightness.table buffet for all with hearty snacks.

A real experience

Our wine evenings

Our wine evenings have become a tradition. Winegrowers from various regions of Germany and Austria regularly present their best drops in the wine barn. In a small group they give an insight into their work and let the guests share their vision of a special wine. We offer a menu of many coordinated delicacies.