Harmony with history

Sustainable and from a single source

Built in 2019, the hotel fits harmoniously into the overall ensemble of Nordenholzer Hof. The entire building philosophy is based on sustainability – just like our power generation with solar panels. And because we have used many old materials for this, the Hofhotel also tells the story of the region. What is it all about? Learn more here.

Connected with the region

Our vision is to create a place that welcomes you with warmth and comfort and at the same time tells a lot about the region with which it is deeply connected. Sustainability is the defining keyword of our building philosophy. For our Hofhotel, we have deliberately chosen traditional half-timbered construction methods and used materials from the surrounding area wherever possible. The bricks of the walls come from old houses around, over the clinker pavement of the paths between the hotel, wine barn and restaurant once drove carriages on the roads of the area.

History meets state-of-the-art technology

Delft tiles, rescued from surrounding farmhouses, can be discovered in the hotel rooms and hallways. The large gate and parts of the half-timbered structure tell the story of a carriage house in the neighborhood. Clay plaster provides a balanced indoor climate. Nevertheless, a visit to Nordenholzer Hof is by no means just a return to old times – rather, historical elements and state-of-the-art technology form a unity here that is second to none.